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Hi there, my name is Stefanie BauerI am an anthropologist by education, strategy consultant by profession, traveller by passion, and overall a restless mind. For the past 15 years, I have been working in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship development in Europe, Africa and Asia. My professional focus lies on process consulting and strategy development. Throughout my professional life, I have been engaged in a diversity of projects that aimed at fostering innovation and change within organizations, especially those with a social impact in developing markets.

I am currently Associate Partner with Intellecap Business Consulting, India, where I am building the Human Centric Design Practice. Prior to this I had led business development for our expansion into Africa over the last two years. My previous stints include different roles within German development agency GIZ as a private sector development expert and advisor to the German Ministry of Economic Cooperations and Development in both Germany and India.

I am  a trained consultant in systemic organizational development and creative leadership. As a visiting faculty, I am teaching entrepreneurship and development at University of Bayreuth, Germany. I earned a Master’s degree in development management from London School of Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in applied African studies.

On this blog, I will share some of my personal reflections on this journey. This is a personal record of working 10 years as an anthropologist with innovators, startups, corporates, development organizations, and governments to develop scalable high impact solutions in developing and emerging economies in Asia and Africa. I am interested to engage with a larger community on case studies, discussing methodologies, and sharing experiences.

The core ethos of this blog is to combine knowledge, information, learning and inspiration for startup founders, businesses, and other organizations looking for the human dimension in high impact solution development. The intent is to bring a cross-disciplinary perspective, inspired by anthropology, design, psychology and behavioural science, organizational theory, and more. If you find this interesting and want to engage in a conversation, drop me a line